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Cool Stuff: gDiapers
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Gdiapers2_1 Jason and I are looking at diapering options because we're not so keen on using disposables. Why not? Here are just a few factoids that freak me out:

  • Most babies go through 5,000 diapers before they're potty-trained
  • Disposable diapers make up 2.1% of waste in landfills, according to the EPA
  • It takes approximately 200 years for one disposable diaper to biodegrade in a landfill

Ok. So you can understand my concern. While cloth diapering is an option--believe me, we're looking into it--there are also biodegradable/flushable diapers that are made by a Portland, OR company. They're called gDiapers. And, holy crap, are they cute! I'm a sucker for the brightly-colored cloth covers with the little 'g' on the butt.


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Here's how they work: There are three parts to each diaper. Only one part is disposable and the rest is reusable. What happens is you put a maxi pad-looking thing into a waterproof liner that grips the baby's legs and that all snaps into the cute cloth diaper covers. When baby poops or pees, you just pull out the maxi pad and flush it down the toilet or compost the wet ones. They biodegrade in less than 2 months. The company has several instructional videos on their website about how everything works.

Downside? It takes some practice to avoid leaks. They don't work that well for newborns with skinny legs. They're more expensive than disposables, which are already pretty darn expensive.

We'll discuss diapering options later-- when I actually have some real-life experience with changing a baby! I'm fairly certain we'll start out with disposables and then switch to something more environmentally friendly at 2-3 months when we start to get the hang of things.

You can buy gDiapers directly off the company website or see if a store in your town carries them by clicking here.

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You totally forgot to mention your totally awesome friends (Kimberly and I) who got a starter pack already :)


Cool, Jason!

I spoke with the owner of gDiapers recently and she strongly suggests starting with disposables and then transitioning to gDiapers after a month or so. She says newborns tend to have big blowouts and lots of leaks because their little legs just aren't pudgy enough to fill out the leg holes in the diapers.

So, if you get discouraged, just put it on hold and return to it later!

Just wanted to comment that you inspired me to try this out - I found a store nearby, and bought the starter kit and 2 packs of refills. If you're gonna go for it, you might as well go for it, right? Anyway, I love them for when I am in charge of the baby, but my daycare provider has a septic system, and is happy to use them, but will be throwing them away, not flushing them.

Because of the expense, I would rather see them composted or flushed, so I am debating about continuing with the disposables at daycare, or asking her to give them to me to dispose of (yuck!), or asking her to use cloth. Does anyone know if the gDiaper covers can be used with cloth diaper inserts? My logic says yes, but you never know....


Hey! I know a market research company that is looking for mom's 22 - 35years old that have a 0-36 year old and use gdiapers!

They'll pay you $100 if you participate in the research study.

I've done these before and are pretty interesting and you get paid for doing nothing!

call 888.644.9330!

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